A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Armel is a 2D mini puzzle platformer game where the character has been reduced is in a music sheet world and is living composed music. Avoid various obstacles to reach to the music notes that help you move forward by building the next music lines of the world. The character runs, jumps and can push a rock to get the puzzle right and move to end a level. Armel was sent in exile by the evil queen on his world because he refused to play for her as he was the best musician. For this, she threw a curse on him and sent him to go and make compositions before he returns.


Armel_Build_5V5.app.zip 42 MB
Build_5_V5.zip 38 MB


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This is a cool concept and I like the music reversing and stopping based on my character's movement. It could use some polishing though, it's a bit annoying that the camera sometimes zooms in all the way, destroying your overview of the level, and sometimes the interface gets in the way of the text:

Thank you very much.  We appreciate your feedback and will improve the game. Please stay in touch for more updates on Twitter as well as here.